Hostel at Griboedova

About hostel

Hostel at Griboedova is located on the ground floor of a new home close to downtown and within walking distance from the sea. Developed transport infrastructure allows travelers to reach all sights of Crimea. The hostel is located in a green area. In the vicinity of the waterfall there is a river along which you can walk to the sea. For the convenience of our guests free Parking. Our hostel is a capsule-type, each bed is equipped with electrical ... Learn more

Special offers

  • Best rate

    At this rate, each guest will get a decent rest for a minimal price. each bed has a shelf, a hanger, sockets, lamp-tran...

  • Seasonal offer

    Hurry to take advantage of the seasonal offer. Visit the unique area of nature and history - the pearl of Crimea Yalta! ...


  • Wash

    Disposable loading automatic washing machines.
  • Internet

    Throughout the hostel has free Wi-Fi
  • Transfer to the Crimea

    We offer you to use our new paid service Shuttle service to the Crimea. When ordering a transfer through our administra...
  • Tours

    Yalta is a city that attracts many travelers. This is because there are many historical and cultural monuments. They are...
  • Library

    Guests can choose a book from our library, working on the principle of bookcrossing.
  • Board games

    Choose a Board game and have fun with your friends.
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